5 Tips To Keep Cool On The Course

With the heat and humidity this summer, it’s possible that just thinking about walking outside makes you perspire. But with a few quick tips, you’ll be keeping cool (and keeping your cool) on the golf course!

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1) Stay Hydrated
Sure, this seems like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most common things people forget to do on hot summer days — DRINK WATER! Keeping your body healthy and happy starts way before you’re on the green. Start drinking plenty of water the day or even days before your golf outing. Depending on your weight and normal water consumption, you may need to increase your water intake to beat the heat. When you actually arrive at the golf course, be sure to drink plenty of water (in addition to the refreshing cold beer). Bringing along a few sports drinks like Gatorade isn’t such a bad idea either.

2) Wear Light Colored Clothing
Light colored clothing reflects the sun’s heat away from the body, as opposed to dark colored clothing absorbing the sun’s heat. Save the dark colored shirts and pants for a cloudy day or for a late fall day. Many golf brands offer moisture-wicking apparel that keeps you cool on the course. Wearing a hat is also quite helpful by keeping your head cool and the sun out of your eyes on those long drives. Our Pro Shop has an excellent selection of apparel and hats that will help you stay cool, not to mention stylish.

3) Cooling Towels
Cooling towels are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. There are numerous stores and brands that sell these towels made from hyper-evaporative material. They tend to retain water and remain dry to the touch. Simply soak the towel in wet water and wrap the it around your neck or on your head, and you can feel your body temperature start to cool down. You can bring along a DIY version by freezing a wet washcloth or towel over night and packing it in your bag for the day. It should still remain cool for a few hours!

4) Arrive By Boat!
That’s right. You can spend the day on the water and on the golf course at Queenstown Harbor. Just beyond the clubhouse and down toward our River House, we host a sizable dock right on the Queenstown Creek right off the Chester River that can accommodate several boats. Guests golfing or conducting business at Queenstown Harbor are welcome to use the dock just about any day of the year. Just let us know how many will be in your party and we’ll stage the appropriate number of carts for your group. If you are playing golf at Queenstown Harbor there is NO daytime docking fee. Overnight docking is just $2.00 per foot.

5) Pack Extra Clothes
You don’t need to pack a suitcase for a five hour golf trip, but packing some reinforcements is a great way to feel great all day long. When the sun is beaming and you start to sweat, you’re bound to feel a bit uncomfortable. Change your shirt when your clothes start to stick to you a little too much, and you’ll be playing better before you know it! A few dry towels and an extra glove are other great items to bring along to keep your hands and face dry. When your hands perspire, your grip might become too loose and your game can downhill fast. Switching gloves throughout your round might just improve your summer score. No promises, though!



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