Queenstown Player Profile: Philip Donnelly

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Every once in a while we like to highlight some of our regular Queenstown players on the blog. In this week’s blog, you’ll get to know Philip Donnelly. You might have seen him on the Lakes course early mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Next time you see Phil, say hello!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a retired Manufacturers Representative and my wife and I have a grown son and daughter and 8 beautiful grandkids. We’re from Connecticut and have lived on Kent Island and Queenstown for over 35 years.

How did you get into golf? Why do you love the sport?
I learned as a kid with lessons from Willie Whalen, Sec. of PGA, at Shuttle Meadow CC in New Britain, Connecticut. Mr. Whalen always wore a tie. The game was different back then…

How did you find yourself at Queenstown Harbor?
I started at Queenstown Harbor with Pro Trent Wright. I remember attending the Grand Opening with the bag-piper walking down 9th hole/Lakes. And Mr. Birney (Donnelly were also in the Brick business in Connecticut) told me it took 7 years; $7 million and 49 hearings and government meetings. I then went to Prospect Bay for about 10 years and then to Uplands for about 4 years and then back to Queenstown Harbor. We came back to Queenstown because it had the most to offer our guys: very high quality golf at a competitive price and a professional staff that is very friendly. Sure, Queenstown has a lot of tournaments, but that assures the courses are in top notch shape. We work around the busy dates and it’s always worked great for us!

How often do you come to Queenstown? Why is it your course of choice?
Our group, Team America (us) and The Money Grubbers (them) usually play 1st Tee Time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We play the Lakes course because we find it very challenging, but it’s not a killer. Jason Neal and his staff keep it in top notch condition!

Who is your favorite Pro Golfer of all time? Why?
I’ll go with 3; Arnie for old time sake, Phil Michelson as my contemporary and Jordan Spieth as my young, hard body. I like those guys ‘cause they’re classy and aggressive golfers.

Most memorable place you’ve ever golfed:
Toss-up between Harbortown in South Carolina and Greenbrier

Favorite hole on either of the courses at Queenstown Harbor?
Lakes 4 and 15. 4 is the signature hole and has character. Can you believe Jason saved that green when top courses all over Maryland were frying green? Look at it today; it’s beautiful!

Do you have a favorite item in the Tavern?
Hey, we’re playing here at daybreak. But, I will say the coffee is very good and I’ve always enjoyed their sandwiches.

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