Start Your Golf Season Strong

Get a strong start on the 2015 golf season by making sure your swing fundamentals are strong.

According to Mike Sabol, golf operations manager and Head Golf Professional at Queenstown Harbor, a golfer’s posture, grip and alignment are the three crucial factors behind a great swing.

For golfers looking to perfect the basic components of their swing, Sabol recommends a 30-minute lesson with a Queenstown Harbor Professional. If a lesson with a Pro isn’t possible, The Golf Channel website has an Instruction page ( filled with tips and drills. To achieve a better body to accompany a great swing, try the Titleist Performance Institute. The institute – a relatively new offering from one of the leading golf brands – offers health and fitness tips and exercises for the beginner, intermediate or serious golfer. See more here:

Another Tool

Another tool that could help you solidify your swing? It’s (probably) in your pocket: a phone equipped with a camera. “If you have a day or a week where you’re swinging the club well, make sure to record it,” says Sabol. “That way, when your swing starts to go awry, you can go back to the video and compare and analyze what’s different.

To learn more about lesson with a Queenstown Harbor Professional, contact the Pro Shop at (410) 827-6611, then press 1.

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