What’s the Best Hand Position at Impact?

Queenstown Harbor  - Hand PositionWe recently had a question about the optimal hand position at impact, and I thought these photos might help illustrate what works best.

You can see the hands on the left: They are in the same position as they were at address, except they are several inches ahead (toward the target) of that position at impact.  The left hip has cleared slightly and the left wrist is flat and to most amateurs may feel bowed. To be able to achieve anything close to this, we need to make sure that our grip is somewhat neutral. This means that your hands are on the grip in the same position at impact and at address.

A slightly stronger grip (hands to the right) would be ok, but a weaker grip (hands to the left) would make this hand position at impact almost impossible. If you have a lot of curve on the ball, say on your drives or long irons, then there is a chance that your grip is limiting you from achieving this optimal impact position.

Once the grip is somewhat neutral and arrives the club face at impact square, then you have a chance at achieving optimal hand position. There are other factors, but the photo on the left is optimal and the one on the right is not so.

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